Sandra Salkanovic

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Meet Chef Sandra Salkanovic. Come June 1st, Sandra will have worked at The Dubois Center for eight years.  Describe your role at The Dubois Center. I am the catering chef, responsible for all production and everything else associated with food handling.  My job also includes ordering, receiving, inventory and sometimes even planning and making custom […]

Courtney Hunt

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Meet Courtney Hunt. Courtney began working at The Dubois Center in May of 2018, immediately after graduating from UNC Charlotte. Describe your role at The Dubois Center. As the Events & Venue Manager I am responsible for all space booking at The Dubois Center, including but not limited to large conferences, small meetings and all […]

A Dubois Center tradition changes with the times

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One hundred brightly colored drawstring bags loaded with health essentials and toiletries are on their way to the Jamil Niner Student Pantry this week, as part of The Dubois Center’s 12th Annual Potluck tradition. What does that have to do with potluck casseroles and Ambrosia salads, you’re wondering? Settle in for the origins of The […]

Supriya Pandita

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Supriya Pandita is a graduate student, studying engineering management through the William States Lee College of Engineering. She moved to Hickory, North Carolina, from India in 2020, met her spouse in 2022 and plans to graduate by summer 2024. We sat down with Supriya inside The Dubois Center to learn more about her life and […]

The Dubois Center at UNC Charlotte Center City

The Dubois Center at UNC Charlotte Center City continues to serve the urban community

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For more than a decade The Dubois Center at UNC Charlotte Center City has provided a meeting point for the urban community and the abundant resources of a thriving research university to connect under one roof. Located in the First Ward – the heart of uptown Charlotte – the 11-story modern architectural marvel continues to […]