Parking Locations & General Information

The Dubois Center at UNC Charlotte Center City does not have separate parking dedicated to the campus. Therefore, it is very important to thoroughly read all information related to parking when visiting The Dubois Center. Any violation received must be disputed with Preferred Parking directly.

Parking, available by University permit and the Park Mobile app, is available at 422 E. 9th Street (Gravel lot) at the corner of 9th and Brevard. Handicapped parking is available at 625 N. Brevard and requires a University permit with Dubois Center parking privileges and the appropriate placard. See below, under Faculty, Staff & Student parking, for information on appropriate permitting.

Parking is no longer available at 319 E. 9th Street.

Faculty & Staff

Faculty and Staff who have purchased a full access pass are eligible to park at The Dubois Center campus. Faculty and Staff should contact the PaTS office to ensure they have full access parking that includes The Dubois Center. Dubois Center parking privileges are not automatic and must be selected at the time of purchase. If in doubt, please contact PaTS prior to your arrival to avoid a citation. Faculty & Staff who have purchased a permit other than a full access pass, are not eligible to park at The Dubois Center without paying through the Park Mobile App.


  • Students registered for classes in Banner at Center City Building are automatically assigned proper credentials each semester with the purchase of a non-discounted standard permit.
  • Resident students will have CCB credentials added to an R permit if they have CCB classes.
  • Students with discounted permits for Lot 27, Lot 6A and North Deck; motorcycle and daily permits; and parking packs will not receive CCB permissions. Students need to upgrade to a standard or night permit to get CCB permissions.
  • Center City Parking Permits are specific to day and class schedule:
    • Day permits are valid 6:30 a.m. to 11 p.m.
    • Evening permits are valid 3 p.m. to 11 p.m.
    • Permits are valid only on specified class days and hours.

Continuing Education Participants

Participants who are attending Continuing Education classes through the School of Professional Studies at The Dubois Center can park at the 422 E. 9th Street gravel lot. This lot is a pay-to-park option and participants will need to download the Park Mobile app and pick zone #96422. There is no pay station in this lot. Contact the appropriate program director for more information.

Event Parking: pay-to-park

Visitor parking for events at The Dubois Center is currently not available through the University. There are a number of pay- to-park options within walking distance of The Dubois Center. Pay to park options can be found on the Preferred Parking website. The closest of these is 422 E 9th Street on the corner of 9th and Brevard Street. To park at 422 E. 9th Street in the gravel lot, you will need to download the Park Mobile app and pick zone #96422. There is no pay station in this lot.

Light Rail

Visitors are encouraged to take advantage of light rail options when visiting The Dubois Center at UNC Charlotte Center City. Our building is a half a block from the 9th Street Station. Free parking is available at nine of the eleven light rail Park and Ride locations. Sugar Creek Station and Scaleybark Park and Ride locations are the closest to 9th Street Station. Standard CATS rates apply.

In some cases, an even organizer may arrange parking directly with an outside parking service, such as Preferred Parking. In those circumstances, please follow directions given by the event organizer. The Dubois Center will likely be unaware of such arrangements.